Limerick Arts Bursary Award 2020

Colin gratefully acknowledges support from Limerick City and County Council for a 2020 Individual Arts Bursary Award.
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Out of Time

When Colin Dunne began his contemporary dance training he found that it contradicted rather than complemented his competitive Irish dance skills. Through these new disciplines his rigid arms and torso were released and his legs softened, yet artistically he remained in a sort of no-man's-land. Successful roles with contemporary dance groups brought his step-dancing experience into the black box, but evidence of Dunne's personal aesthetic journey remained elusive - until Out of Time read more

The Bull

There have been complaints about the dearth of new Irish work in this year's Dublin Theatre Festival, but they can be put to bed. Already, the festival has had a hilarious new Irish comedy, a scintillating new satire on Celtic Tiger Ireland, a profound reflection on the continuing resonance of Irish mythology, a raw, fast-paced Irish crime thriller, a vastly impressive exercise in avant garde physical theatre, a quirky new Irish musical, and even a new post-Riverdance Irish dancing more

The Yellow Room

The yellow room is the final piece in Yoshiko Chuma's tenure as artistic director of Daghada Dance Company which ends in July. Her arrival from New York in 2000 signalled a new departure for the company as it embraced the sudden artistic shifts that prioritiased performance over Daghdha's long established dance-in-education programme. But Chuma herself has also taken a journey through those three years and The Yellow Room contrasts with the early, austere Reverse Psychology works read more

Dancing on Dangerous Ground

Jean Butler and Colin Dunne were the best thing about ''Riverdance: The Show'' when that Irish dance extravaganza was first seen at Radio City Music Hall in 1996. Now these superlative dancers have returned to Radio City with their own and infinitely more creative spectacle, ''Dancing on Dangerous Ground.''

Congratulations are in order. For what Ms. Butler and Mr. Dunne accomplish through their choreography is exactly what ''Riverdance'' does not, which is to channel Irish step dancing into genuine artistic expression. read more | Design: